HomeBiographyWritingsPhotosContactAncient Maya Settlement Patterns and Environment at Tikal, Guatemala: Implications for Subsistence Models Dennis Edward Puleston A Dissertation in Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, 1973

Table of Contents





The Role of Settlement Data
The Role of Environment
Toward a Definition of Settlement Patterns
Other Definitions


Chapter One: The Problem of Ancient Maya Demography


Intersite Settlement Density
Site Orientation of Mapping
The Site Orientation of Excavation
Difficulty of Survey in the Maya Lowland
Quantifying Settlement Data
Trail Surveys
Area Surveys
Site Survey
The Inconsistencies of Subsistence Data
The Sustaining Area Hypothesis


Chapter Two: Field Procedure of the Sustaining Area Project


The Limitations of Aerial Survey
The Brechas: Backbone of the Ground Survey
Mapping Techniques


Chapter Three: Map Preparation (not included)


Map Scale
Designation of Features and Organization
Symbols and Standards of Representation


Chapter Four: The Presentation of Mapping Data


The East Brecha Survey Strip
The South Brecha Survey Strip
The West Brecha Survey Strip
The North Brecha Survey Strip
The Northwest Border Brecha Survey Strip
The Uaxatun Brecha Survey Strip
The Ceramic Survey


Chapter Five: The Calculation of Prehistoric Demographic Patterns


The Assumption of Residential Contemporaneity
Arguments Against Residential Stability
Arguments for Residential Stability
Hidden House Ruins
Estimating Inhabitants per Structure


Chapter Six: Estimates of Ancient Populations


The Population of Late Classic Tikal
Discussion of the North and South Survey Strips in Terms of Cultivable Land
The Population of Early Classic Tikal
The Population of Late Preclassic Tikal
Postclassic Settlement in the Tikal Area
The Settlement of Intersite Areas
Total Structures in the Tikal National Park


Chapter Seven: Environmental Aspects of the Cultural Ecology of the Lowland Maya


Geology and Topography


Chapter Eight: Subsistence Aspects of the Cultural Ecology of the Lowland Maya


The Invalidation of the “Sustaining Area” Concept
Alternative Subsistence Models


Chapter Nine: Summary and Conclusions


Tikal Settlement Patterns
Problems for Future Consideration
Final Summary

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